Teacher Camps

Teacher camps

HBCSE is expanding the NIUS programme by initiating orientation camps for college teachers in astronomy, biology, chemistry and physics at undergraduate level. Some of the core areas that will be integral to these camps are- i) conceptual pitfalls in the disciplines, ii) designing of contextual problems and understanding their pedagogical significance, iii) history and philosophy of science, iv) designing and developing experiments for content / procedural understanding and thus enhancing learning in the laboratories, v) experimental problem solving andvi) assessment.  In addition, these camps will acquaint teachers with Discipline Based Education Research (DBER)* and development (DBER and D) done in undergraduate science education domains.
DBER at undergraduate science education level aims to carry out systematic investigation of learning focused on a specific discipline like astronomy, biology, chemistry and physics and is grounded in modern theories of learning and instruction. Such work is informed by historical evolution of concepts and practices of the given discipline. The applied and developmental areas of discipline based work focus on designing instructional practices and generation of instructional resources for the discipline. Such DBER and D work at undergraduate level, conducted in last 5 decades globally, has provided valuable insights about students’ conceptual hurdles in the subjects and the environments that foster  learning in the classroom and laboratory settings .Along with content enrichment and pedagogical discussions, HBCSE believes that teachers teaching at undergraduate level need to be exposed to research informed innovative instructional practices/material development. Such an exposure will empower teachers to reflect on their own teaching-learning practices and to bring in necessary innovation. 
*At the seventh epiSTEME  conference held at HBCSE in January 2018, some of the review talks were related to DBER at undergraduate science education level. These talk are uploaded on HBCSE you tube channel and to access them,visit
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