Physics and Astronomy

A large number of areas have been covered in Physics. Some of the major areas are listed below with the names of the HBCSE co-dinators/facilitator.

  1. Astronomy and Astrophysics (Dr. Anwesh Mazumdar)
  2. Instrumentation and Optical Measurements (Dr. Rajesh Khaparde)

3. Semiconductor Nanostructures (Dr. Praveen Pathak)

Others not listed above include Disordered Systems, Granular Materials, Quantum Optics, etc.


Sr NoBatchYearStudents Enrolled
1Batch I2004-200527
2Batch II2005-200640
3Batch III2006-200735
4Batch IV2007-200843
5Batch V2008-200949
6Batch VI2009-201051
7Batch VII2010-201167
8Batch VIII2011-201273
9Batch IX2012-201369
10Batch X2013-201462
11Batch XI2014-201577
12Batch XII2015-201646
13Batch XIII2016-201777
14Batch XIV2017-201874
15Batch XV2018-2019 74
16Batch XVI2019-2020 72

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