Camps for students

The NIUS chemistry programme (new batch) for students starts every December. The thrust of the first NIUS camp, that is, exposure cum enrichment camp is to present vibrant academic experience about chemistry variety of ways. The experimental sessions at the camps provide opportunities to reflect about procedural steps, data analysis and evaluation, and possible sources of errors for the given experimental procedure. The theoretical sessions covering some of the core areas are aimed at presenting perspectives about conceptual understanding in the given domain and applications of fundamental concepts in different situations. These camps also cover theoretical sessions related to some of the exciting frontier areas of chemistry. The workshops at the camp engage students with comprehension of scientific literature, abstract writing and planning and designing of experiments. Additionally, efforts are made to cover sessions about historical aspects of chemistry and issues like gender issues. At the end of the first camps, students are selected for projects to be done in subsequent vacations. The project work is done either at HBCSE chemistry laboratories or at the other scientific institutions of the respective mentors.   

Some of the representative project areas in chemistry are-

Organic Chemistry: Synthesis of organic compounds through green pathways like using catalysts, different energy sources, solvent free reactions, deep eutectic solvents, development of experiments for undergraduate chemistry laboratories.

Physical/Interfacial Chemistry: synthesis of metal oxides/sulphides, characterization and electrochemical studies, study of physico–chemical properties of surfactant containing systems (phase diagrams, equilibria of azo dye indicators in micellar systems, cmc measurements, and effect of additives), etc.

Computational/Quantum chemistry: Monte-Carlo simulations of polymers at surfaces, thermal properties of nuclear materials, simulations of liquids, etc.

Camps for teachers

In addition to NIUS camps for students, we also conduct workshops for teachers teaching chemistry at undergraduate level. This is relatively a new dimension to the NIUS programme. The thrust of these workshops is currently on experimental domain and some of the research informed alternative ways to design experiments for undergraduate laboratories. Another thrust area is variety of problems and their role for assessment in chemistry.

NIUS- Teacher Development Camps/Workshops

Enrollment of students in first Exposure cum Enrichment Camp

Total number of students enrolled – 630 (Upto 2019)

Batch XV to XVII
Batch Year Students Enrolled
XVI 2019-2020 57
XV 2018-2019 52
Batch IX to XIV
Batch Year Students Enrolled
XIV 2017-2018 51
XIII 2016-2017 54
XII 2015-2016 49
XI 2014-2015 54
X 2013-2014 41
IX 2012-2013 53
Batch I to VIII
Batch Year Students Enrolled
VIII 2011-2012 44
VII 2010-2011 41
VI 2009-2010 39
V 2008-2009 14
IV 2007-2008 25
III 2006-2007 07
II 2005-2006 18
I 2004-2005 31

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