Year 2018 – 2022

Sr.No.Name of workshopDate of workshopNo. of teacher participantsCo-ordinator(s)Reports
1.NIUS Teachers Workshop on Enhancing learning in experimental chemistryMay 24-27, 2022


Indrani Das Sen, Savita Ladage, Ankush Gupta (all HBCSE)

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2.A closer look at re-designing experiments for
undergraduate chemistry laboratory
June 14-15 and 17-18, 2021


Indrani Das Sen, Savita Ladage, Ankush Gupta (all HBCSE)will be uploaded soon
3.NIUS Workshop on Designing meaningful problems for assessment in ChemistryJanuary 1-7, 2021


Ankush Gupta, Indrani Das Sen and Savita Ladage (all HBCSE)

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4.NIUS-TD Workshop for Undergraduate Chemistry teachers/lecturers (Ratnagiri)November 3-8, 2019


Savita Ladage, HBCSE and Ankush Gupta, HBCSE

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5.Engaging with meaningful designing of chemistry experiments for undergraduate chemistry laboratoryDecember 13-15, 2018


Anupa Kumbhar from SP Pune University, Pune
(With academic support from Chemistry Group, HBCSE)
6.Alternative approaches to designing experiments for chemistry laboratoryNovember 17-22, 2018


Savita Ladage, HBCSE
7.Workshop on Designing experiments for undergraduate ChemistryAugust 16-19, 2018


Savita Ladage, HBCSE and Gulshanara Shaikh, formerly, St. Xaviers's College, Mumbai

Past Workshops

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