Study Circle for Chemistry Teachers

Study Circle for Chemistry Teachers

As part of the NIUS chemistry programme, a study circle was started in September 2021 for chemistry teachers teaching at undergraduate level. The primary aim of the study circle has been to acquaint chemistry teachers with the domain of Chemistry Education Research and Development (CERD) and associated literature through critical discussions.

The weekly sessions are conducted in online mode involving reading material from well-established peer-reviewed journals and books related to chemistry education. Such an exposure is needed and useful to develop insights about research informed practices/innovations related to teaching-learning of chemistry at undergraduate level.

To know more about the representative list of papers discussed so far click here

Development of experiments using Prelab – Lab – Postlab approach

Another important fallout of the study circle is initiation of the project  involving development of experiments for undergraduate chemistry laboratory education especially for state colleges within India using pre-lab-lab and post-lab approach. It is a collaborative activity between members of the chemistry group and some of the teacher participants of the study circle. A significant fraction of the developed experiments are being field tested/discussed in the NIUS students’/teachers’ camps for critical feedback.

To access sample experiments developed by members of the chemistry group using the above approach click here

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