In biology the following areas were covered: Cell Biology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, and Molecular Biology. Resource Persons were drawn from HBCSE, IIT-Bombay, Pune University and the colleges of Mumbai University.


Sr. NoBatchYearStudents Enrolled
1Batch I2004-200529
2Batch II2005-200615
3Batch III2006-200710
4Batch IV2007-200814
5Batch V2008-200912
6Batch VI2009-201007
7Batch VII2010-201120
8Batch VIII2011-201229
9Batch IX2012-201338
10Batch X2013-201424
11Batch XI2014-201526
12Batch XII2015-201642
13Batch XIII2016-201738
14Batch XIV2017-201841
15Batch XV2018-201944
16Batch XVI2019-202053

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