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Basics of Chemical Thermodynamics

The book Basics of Chemical Thermodynamics developed at HBCSE is an open source instructional material that you can access for reading through the following link. The material is copyrighted and no part of the same may be downloaded and reproduced in any form (print or electronic) without the written permission of HBCSE (TIFR). 

The book is intended for undergraduate science students who are keen to comprehend the basics of this core subject. It is written in the form of a teacher-student dialogue, which we hope will address some of the students’ queries and doubts in this subject. We believe instructors may also find it equally useful.

We welcome any comments/corrections regarding the book from students and instructors, which you may send to the following mail address-

The book will be continually revised in light of the suggestions that we receive from the users.
Happy reading !!
Savita Ladage and Arvind Kumar

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