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List of Students Selected for NIUS Chemistry (XV.1)

List of Students Selected for NIUS Biology 15.1 

List of Selected Students for NIUS (Physics) Camp 15.2 




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Three major areas have been covered in Chemistry for project work. Some of the representative projects under the different areas are listed below.

Interfacial Chemistry:  study of physico–chemical properties of surfactant containing systems (phase diagrams, equilibria of azo dye/acid-base indicators, cmc measurements, and extraction of heavy and alkali metal ions)


Organic Chemistry: Synthesis of organic compounds using catalysts, different energy sources, solvent free reactions, deep eutectic solvents, Multi-component reaction Chemistry, physical organic chemistry


Computational/Quantum chemistry/Theoretical: Investigation of formation of noble gas compounds having conventional bonding systems, catalysis using nano-sized noble metals like gold, silver, studies of hydrated electrons in water, hydrated clusters of haloacids

The computational chemistry projects are supported by theoretical chemistry group at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre.





Sr. No Batch Year Students Enrolled
1 Batch I 2004-2005 31
2 Batch II 2005-2006 18
3 Batch III 2006-2007 07
4 Batch IV 2007-2008 25
5 Batch V 2008-2009 14
6 Batch VI 2009-2010 39
7 Batch VII 2010-2011 41
8 Batch VIII 2011-2012 44
9 Batch IX 2012-2013 53
10 Batch X 2013-2014 41
11 Batch XI 2014-2015 54
12 Batch XII 2015-2016 49
13  Batch XIII 2016-2017 54 
14  Batch XIV 2017-2018 51 
     Total 521








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