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Year 2015

  1. Priya, P., Mukhopadhyay D., and Chaterjee, A., Sodium fluoride affects zebrafish behaviour and alter mRNA expressions of biomaker genes in the brain:Role of Nrf2/Keap1, Environmetal Toxicology and Pharmacology 40,352-359,2015.

Year 2013

  1. Kamath, D., Ronad, A., Vartak, R., and Nath, B., B., Environmental exposure to iron: A study of the implications using Chironomus as an indicator organism, Poster presentation at  XXXVIII Annual conference of Environmental Mutagen Society of India on "Current Perspectives on Environmental Mutagenesis and Human Health”, BARC Mumbai, January 28-30, 2013 . 


Year 2005

  1. Castellino, O., and Singh, V., A., “Scaling Laws for Track Events: A Useful Pedagogical Approach to  Complex Biological Phenomena”, Proceedings of International Conference on Physics Education, Delhi, Aug. 21- 25, 2005.


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